6 STEP Video Series


This product is a 6 part video series to help you as a runner or trail runner to re-discover your natural running ability and guide you towards your best running year so far.

In this series:

1. Find your Focus: How to get motivated, get the mindset of a pro and start practicing key foundation moves. 

2. Work that Warm-up: A good warm up start in the morning! Learn how to improve circulation and how to create a daily 'checklist' for your joints and tendons.

3. Get Hardcore: An abdominal chapter for stronger core. The base for every runner, a necessity for every human. 

4. Give me Strength: A set of strength training exercises for your toolkit. 

5. Mad about Mobility: Dynamic & task based stretching. Stay supple and ready to go!

6. Bring your Skills: Running technique drills to activate Hamstrings, land closer to your center of gravity and to help you go Further, Faster, Stronger