Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably? Maybe just a little too comfortably? Did you know that your body adapts to the things we do most? No wonder we are all olympic sitters! : )  

Aim to change your sitting position throughout the day - at least every 30 minutes. You can even set a timer to remind you. It doesn't matter which position you choose - a chair, a swiss ball, standing - it's the variation that is the key. 

Start tonight! - when you settle down to read a book or watch the latest netflix series catch yourself gravitating naturally towards the sofa. The sofa has only a few 'lazy options to offer'   - try sitting on the floor instead. It's unlikely that you will sit in the same position for more than a few minutes at a time on a harder surface.  And hey presto!  You just found a way to get more movement in to your day : )

By adapting some less comfortable positions now and then, you will improve your mobility  and notice them becoming easier over time. You can always use cushions or a rolled up blanket to get comfortable in a new position. 

And by the way, standing up from the floor requires more effort than getting up of the sofa. So 'kaching!' , a few more calories burnt ! 

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