Running on the hottest day – Tips & Tricks

One of the hottest days in Belgium with temperatures reaching 40 degrees C. 

So I thought, i know - I’ll give running a try ☺

Fact is that the better you are trained, the better you might be able to cope with the heat. Either way, general advice is to take it a bit slower on hot days but if you do want to clock your kilometres, here’s a few recommendations:

1.    From the moment you wake up, drink a lot of water. A well hydrated body will help to support thermoregulation

2.    Restore your water balance during and immediately after your run.Dehydration can mean you lose 5% in body weight- and that leads to a whopping 30% loss of performance!

 3.    Take it easyYou don’t need to set a new speed record or try to push your endurance. Your heart rate will already be higher than normal because your body is trying to cool down. Keep your run short and at a moderate speed. 

4.    Dress lightly but still dress☺.A light t-shirt will likely keep youcooler (in both senses ;)) than no t-shirt at all.  Once your t-shirt is drenched in sweat, this in turn will help to cool your body. 

5.    Warm up before your run! Now this might sound a bit silly, but you still want to prepare your body foranyphysical activity. Do some joint rotations, dynamic stretches and increase the heart rate a bit with squats or similar movements. Otherwise it will be a shock for your body to suddenly start running in theheat. 

6.    Have some (natural) carbs, you deserve them! Finish your run with some fruit, this will help hydration and the carbs will restore glycogen levels,  prevent protein breakdown and speed up recovery. They will also provide energy to go on with the rest of your day. 

7.    Take a cold shower when you get backDon’t think I need to explain this one ☺

8.    Last but not least, listen to your body.Walk if you have to. Keep smiling, no gurning!