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We help you to instil healthy habits that work for your lifestyle. Enjoy fitness and nutrition advice from a qualified personal trainer inspired by natural movement and a simple life.

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COMING SOON!…..We will be starting an 8 week online program starting end Jan 2019.

Aimed at those aged 35+ who are serious about making lifelong changes to build a stronger body for a stronger future.

This is not a crash diet, nor a promise to have ripped abs in a week. BeMoreActive’s Healthy Habits For Life is an intelligent 8 week programme led by a qualified personal trainer and nutrition expert. It combines live sessions, videos and weekly challenges for lasting change. It gives you the opportunity to instil healthy habits that work for you and your lifestyle.

In 8 weeks we will shift your mindset, build strength, guide you towards better food choices and offer support when things get tough

Find out why ageing does not mean slowing down. Learn how to build more activity in to your daily life. Discover the truth behind fad diets and how to set your own food rules. Rediscover your inner athlete mindset and lock those habits in for life.

Take control of the rest of your life.

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