About us

Ken is an English and Flemish speaking qualified Personal Trainer who lives in Huldenberg with his wife and two children. He is the founder of Be More Active personal training services and owner of a private fitness gym which opened in early 2017.

Ken’s services include Personal Training, Group Training, Learn to Run, Park Move, Baby and Me, Buggy Bootcamp and are available in Huldenberg, Brussels, Tervuren, Overijse, Neerijse and Hoeilaart. Ken is one of the best personal trainers in Belgium, offering services to both locals and expats.

 Ken is trained in Natural Movement after training through Movnat. His training methods are influenced by Martial arts, Capoeira, dance, yoga, Pilates, Body Weight Training, and Gymnastics. Ken has also followed a Nutrition certification program meaning he is qualified to give both fitness and nutrition advice.

 Ken’s mission is to help you make the right choices for a balance life with a strong focus on health first. Ken is aware that making these types of decisions aren’t easy and fully supports you with sessions that are fun, informative and effective and steer you to meet your fitness and nutrition goals.

 Ken is inspired by Frank Forencich, Ido Portal and Tom Weksler. However, his biggest muses remain his children who keep learning about the world and themselves by rolling, crawling, jumping, running, climbing, balancing, tree-climbing, playing, lifting and throwing.

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