Move in Nature
10:00 AM10:00

Move in Nature

This session is much more than a longer Park Move class. We will be in the park and the forest working with natural movement technique such as jumping, crawling, lifting and carrying. We will also be running, rolling, climbing and lots more movement and fun ! 

  • Improve your natural moving pattern

  • Have fun moving beyond the traditional limits of 'sports'

  • Discover infinite ways to move

  • Natural Movement, Roughhousing, Tree Climbing, Play

Small group. Max 10 Participants   

Instructor: Ken Gilbert      Price: 35 EUR

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Conscious Breath & Embodied Movement
10:00 AM10:00

Conscious Breath & Embodied Movement

Conscious Breath & Movement

An emotional detox for your body. Half a day workshop with Griet Vertraete

This workshop is a combination of conscious breathing and embodied movement.
We will connect to our body through movement and open our senses for a full breathing session.

Transformational Breath®

is a powerful, self-healing technique that optimizes the full respiratory system and enables an open and connected breathing. It provides integration and transformation of trauma, suppressed thoughts / beliefs and unprocessed emotions. It allows people to (re)connect with their own power and potential for a better physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Open Floor Embodied Movement 
synthesizes the universal wisdom that underlies all movement practices. Breath, freedom, awareness, connection to others, self-expression, creativity, emotional fluidity, mindfulness, community, meditation – these and more can be found on the Open Floor.
Open Floor feeds all our hungers: through dance we explore connection to ourselves and others, to community and to spirit. And breathing is the starting point.

As human beings we are born into bodies that travel fluidly through an infinite range of movement and feeling. Over time, through physical and emotional injury, cultural messages, age and sedentary habits, our movement expression gets narrower and narrower. On the Open Floor, we use dance as a physical meditation practice to reclaim our lost embodiment, to move us from fixed to fluid, from habit to choice to creative possibility. On the Open Floor we bring a mindful, embodied movement to our lives as human beings.

Benefits of conscious breathing

Scientific research has proven that diaphragmatic breathing is an efficient tool and can improve certain symptoms or conditions, for example:

✓ Burnout / depression
✓ Asthma
✓ Panic attacks
✓ Fears and phobias
✓ Heart Conditions
✓ Chronic fatigue
✓ Digestive problems
✓ High blood pressure
✓ Insomnia
✓ Addictions
✓ Anaerobic Diseases

Breathing sessions with Transformational Breath® are safe and suitable for all target groups: babies, children, adolescents, adults, pregnant women and elderly people.

The benefits of more oxygen in the body are for everyone.
This method is not just for people who have breathing or emotional problems.

Griet Verstraete,
Certified Transformational Breath® Trainer. Open Floor Embodied Movement teacher & Therapy-in-Motion.
Offering workshops and individual sessions, trainings and workshops, combining the power of breath and movement. Dance Movement Therapy, Authentic Movement, Laban Bartenieff, bio-energetica, Conscious movement, Somatic experience. Trauma-healing fundamentals. 

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TRE   -   Tension/Trauma release exercise
7:30 PM19:30

TRE - Tension/Trauma release exercise

Most people experience tension and stress. But if it becomes chronic, it can turn in to physical and emotional discomfort. This is where TRE can help. This revolutionary, natural technique shows you how you can relieve tension yourself through triggering vibrations which enable your body to restore itself to a calm and restful state. TRE is very interesting for people who are sensitive to injuries in the pelvis, groin, adductors, hamstrings and back. Learning how to trigger these stress relieving vibrations can also be useful as part of training or competition. 

  • Part 1: 15th of Februari 19.30 - 21.30

  • Part 2: 15th of March 19.30 - 21.30

Instructor:       Price: 55 EUR  part 1 + 2

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108 Sun Salutations - A Winter Solstice celebration - Free class!!
8:00 PM20:00

108 Sun Salutations - A Winter Solstice celebration - Free class!!

On the 21st of December we celebrate the ‘shortest day’ with 108 Sun Salutations.

Are you ready for it? Of course you are!! It is not a class where we will grinding your teeth and swearing (promise!) . It is for all levels and you are free to take a break at any time.

Come along – you will be amazed by the joint group energy and meditational state we can reach together. And you’ll have the satisfaction of a ‘workout’ before the Christmas celebrations – a welcome bonus! :)

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Healthy Habits Webinar
8:30 PM20:30

Healthy Habits Webinar

Join us for our upcoming HEALTHY HABITS - Goals, Motivation & Posture webinar.

You will learn how to define your fitness goals and make your new resolutions stick (hey, why wait until New Year?!). And let’s start off by standing tall. All good quality movement comes from good posture. Find out how yours is and ways to improve it.

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